University of Ulster

2009 - 2011

As a research fellow in microfluidics at the University, I developed an array of microfluidic system to integrate with an impedance-based enzyme assay. The assay was intended to detect the presence of myoglobin, troponin and CKMB at clinically relevant levels with a response time in minutes rather than hours. I worked with biochemists, electronic engineers and communication engineers to develop a system that performed the assay and relayed the data to a remote base-station for signal processing and data presentation. A prototype system was developed and was presented to industrial representatives. The project was funded by a cross-border grant developing connected healthcare system for in-home use. As part of my work, I also developed industrial links with Cellix in Dublin, a collaboration which directly lead to a colleague obtaining a successful research grant.

Additionally, I developed LabVIEW control systems for (1) a CCD camera with live Bluetooth based data streaming for miniaturised flow cytometry, (2) an Agilent source meter system for electrochemical analysis and (3) Microfluidic fluid delivery system utilising precision controlled micro-syringe pumps.

I supervised a number of Masters and BEng research project students, developed taught materials and presented lecture courses on LabVIEW programming, Computer Aided Design and Microsoft Excel. I initiated a working relationship with the W5 interactive science centre in Belfast to promote the University, working as a representative from the University on the First™ LEGO League competition team in 2010 promoting science engagement in Northern Ireland. Finally, I worked as school’s liaison, co-ordinating placements for 26 high school students at the University and worked with a small group of students to develop a project on assisted living, utilising the LEGO Mindstorms system to demonstrate a wireless control system for in-home communication.

I attended a 5-day training course on LabVIEW programming with a colleague and applied to the EPSRC Noisemaker scheme for public engagement.

• Lecturer - LabVIEW Graphical Programming - total cohort of 60 students,
• Lecturer – SolidEdge CAD - total cohort of 200 students,
• Lecturer - Microsoft Excel - total cohort of 200 students,
• Judge and member of committee for the NI First LEGO League competition 2010,
• Management of work experience program (26 high school students),
• Development of assisted living / wireless communication - schools based engineering project,
• Supervision of student research and design (R&D) projects (5),
• Project Management of Microfluidic Platform Technology
• Development of Point-of-Care cardiac biomarker / medical diagnostics devices,
• Clean-room processing, photolithography, and rapid prototyping,
• Computer aided design (SolidEdge & AutoCAD), video imaging and analysis,
• Research grant development and submission
• Shortlisted for EPSRC NOISE Scheme 2010
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