The University of Sheffield

2013 - 2014

As Business Development Manager for the Sheffield Science Gateway and the Department of Physics and Astronomy, I was involved with the development of collaborative research and industrial liaison activities to maximize the impact of academic research. An STFC Innovations Partnership Scheme (IPS) Fellowship supported the post and gave me essential access to STFC research and development opportunities. I have developed a comprehensive profile of academic research within the department and use this to identify appropriate collaborative research and Knowledge Exchange activities with external partners, develop cross-faculty engagement and work towards the delivery of Impact from RCUK funded research.

A large part of my role involved the development of research funding applications, working alongside academic staff to ensure maximum success rates for a wide range of funding opportunities. I developed an ever-expanding network of contacts, through the use of a wide range of networking activities, sat on the Physics and Astronomy Research Committee and was invited to attend a NERC review panel for Technology Proof of Concept awards.

I was involved in the development of impact case studies for REF2014 assessments, and ran a workshop concerned with ways for academics to engage with government, as a method of influencing policy and establishing key indicators for Impact in preparation for the REF submission.

Although based in the Faculty of Science, I worked across the four faculties of the University to develop multidisciplinary research activities, generate impact from existing research and drive forward the universities vision of Impact, Innovation and Knowledge Exchange (IIKE) by liaising with local and national SME’s and Multinational industry to generate strategic partnerships beneficial to all partners. I was responsible for the development of a new venture in Sheffield, where a US company developed a new research and servicing base in Sheffield, enabling research engagement, job creation and a European service centre for their technology.

Strategic Activities
• Organization of Parliamentary Impact Workshop for 50+ Academics – 2014
• Member of NERC Review Panel & Ranking Committee – Technology Proof of Concept - 2013.
• Member of Department Horizon 2020 Review Panels
• Engaged with Physics and Astronomy Impact Framework for REF 2014.
• Developed response to EPSRC/Seagate - Manufacturing the Future Scoping exercise,
• Engagement with Local and National SME’s and Multinational Corporations.
• Scoping of Cyclotron Facilities for Sheffield R&D – Alliance Medical.
• Promotion of TUOS at Technology and Instrumentation in Particle Physics (TIPP) 2014
• Promotion of TUOS at Topical Workshop for Electronics in Particle Physics (TWEPP) 2014

Highlight - Successful Engagement Applications

Establishment of UK R&D Base for Durridge PLC.
£70k - TUOS/JPK Instruments - Atomic Force Microscopy studies on Antibiotic Cell Death + £200k in-kind Support
£70k - TUOS/Lablogic Systems plc. - Radio-nucleotide monitoring for PET Imaging + £35k Matched Funding
£55k - TUOS/VBCie - Development of AC Welding - Impact Acceleration Project + £20k Industry Funding
£50k - STFC Impact Acceleration Award 2013.
£25k - TUOS Proof-of Concept - Waveform Tracking Software for Solar Inverters.
£20k - STFC Scoping Research Activities for Global Challenges Scheme.
£10k – STFC Equipment Grant – Cooling systems for LHC Detectors
£1k - Careers on Campus: UG Student Placement – Social Media Development for Physics.
£1k - Careers on Campus: UG Student Placement – Data Analysis for Sheffield Solar.
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